Ukraine Water Project

Now through 30 November, 2022. Help us help Ukraine.  See below for more details or click Donate Now
26 October Update - In working with the Rotary Club of Warsaw-Jozefow we have learned that water is increasing in cost. Due to the current economic situation and the escalation the price for the truck of water increased from $2,500 to $2,800. Can you join us in this increase in our target? We are nearly there. You have been Wonderful!


The Cause

Call to Action: The human body is comprised of 75% of water and must drink about .8 gallons per day or we put our bodies at risk for not functioning. Mykolaiv, a city in Ukraine, hasn’t had access to fresh water from the beginning of the Russian aggression. Russian rackets attack on civilian water infrastructure caused a clean water crisis in Mykolaiv (the second most populous regional center in southern Ukraine) on April 22. Approximately 220,000 people were left in the city without access to clean water (from Apr 22). 

The  Goal

Rotary Club of Warsaw-Jozefów's project: Their goal is to distribute 10 trucks of water (each truck delivers 6,600 gallons) at a cost of $2,500.  Rotary Club of Warsaw-Jozefów partners with Foundation United in Diversity Ukraine, an organization run by a 29 year old woman.

Rotary Club of Blue Bell's goal: We will match every dollar received through donations up to 2,500 so that we can provide 2 trucks of water to Mykolaiv. 

Imagine the Help we can Provide

Join us as People of Action. Click this link to Donate Now: to help all of those in Mykolaiv, a city in Ukraine without clean drinking water. 
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