Andy Johanson, representing Blue Bell Rotary Club was present at this ceremony to provide a  contribution of one thousand dollars to support this high value program which is helping the children to achieve academically.
This picture captures smiling faces of the children who are in the STARS program with Co-Directors Sally Hurwitz and Dee Coyle; and volunteers. In 2011, Sally and Dee saw the need for establishing an after school program for children who required extra educational support. In the program they designed, each child has a dedicated tutor who meets with them once a week and helps with their homework. This all-volunteer program supports the children’s ongoing success with their education. Sally stated, “These children also work on listening skills, manners, learning not to give up too fast when something is difficult, organizational skills, and learning how to get alone with others.”  There are 19 volunteer mentors from our community, who are with their students every week throughout the school year. What a gift STARS has given to enhance these children lives. STARS (Student Together Achieving Remarkable Success)   program is housed in Zion Baptist Church in Ambler.